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2019-2020 LHES PLC_Grade Levels

1 credit


Full course description

Grade levels and special areas created year-long PLC goals related to our school and system School Improvement Plan goals. Our school leadership team met every other week and created questions or talking points for grade levels to use as they met monthly to discuss their progress towards their goals, as well as next steps. They also looked at data to drive changes to instruction. Teams also included supporting evidence link(s). Some of the discussion questions included:
*What does the students’ work demonstrate about their understanding of the task?
*What does the students’ work demonstrate about their level of proficiency with the requirements of the targeted goal?
*What does the student’s work demonstrate about his or her level of language proficiency required to be successful with the stated goal?
*What does the students’ work demonstrate about the depth of their understanding and reasoning ability?

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